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Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare

Evolution of a Revolution

It starts with you but it’s not about you.

Although healthcare is undoubtably a business, it’s a business that has humans at every step in the process. With real-world cases, research, and a collection of leader tools, Kay Kennedy, Lucy Leclerc, and Susan Campis bring nurses closer to the nurse leader who recognizes humanity in their teams by being an Awakener, a Connector, and an Upholder. Kennedy, Campis, and Leclerc are dynamic nurse leaders with experience from the bedside to the boardroom. They’ve authored numerous professional, peer-reviewed publications on Human-Centered Leadership and are engaging speakers aimed at starting a revolution in healthcare leadership.

Learn how to start with “self” so your leadership energy organically emanates outward to your teams and to your patients.

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The Journal for Nurses by Nurses

Nurses are in the unique position of caring for people in their most vulnerable moments. This makes nursing a challenging, demanding and often emotional profession that many nurses carry home with them. As a result, many nurses place self-care at the bottom of a long list of “to-do’s.”

Shifts is a journal designed for nurses by nurses, supporting the concept that “It starts with me.” Using the SBAR format, which is a familiar, standardized communication tool used in healthcare by nurses, Shifts enables nurses to reflect on their own health, specifically their self-care practices and moments of mindfulness. One’s awareness and intention around the reflection develops better self-understanding, self-compassion, and growth.

Journaling can provide a safe space for nurses to decompress, reflect, and dream. It can be used as a tool to support one’s journey toward self-care, self-awareness and self-compassion, providing greater insight into our thoughts and actions.

There’s about to be a Shift in your life!




The Importance of Self-Care
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