Are you a Human-Centered Leader in Healthcare? Take the assessment.

1. I provide a safe environment for my team members to grow and expect accountability for individual growth plans.
2. I practice self-care, self-compassion, and self-awareness as a role model to my team.
3. I make sure my team members are plugged into processes and structures (councils and committees) for emergence of new ideas.
4. I facilitate and support structures and processes (councils and committees) so innovation can emerge from my team at the point of care or work.
5. I use self-reflection to recognize humanity in myself and my team members.
6. I embrace unpredictability and change as the norm by endorsing experimentation of ideas to generate innovation.
7. I provide honest feedback and address team member behaviors that are inconsistent with a culture of excellence.
8. I support my team with respect, kindness, empathy, and empowerment.
9. I unify my team and others around a shared vision and mission.
10. I ensure resources are available for my team to do research and adopt evidence-based practice.
11. I lead my team with an open mind to respect everyone and withhold judgment
12. I aim to build mutual respect and trust through nurturing intentional connections with others.
13. I establish a learning culture with high expectations for ongoing learning and growth.
14. I focus my attention, awareness, and energy on the present moment when with my team members.
15. I support, recognize, and appreciate independent problem solving and individual contributions at the point of service.
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