Uleadership Team

Meet the Team

uleadership is the vision of three healthcare leaders with decades of bedside nursing and nurse leadership experience. In coming together, we recognized each of us had experienced successful leadership journeys, but had left ourselves and our self- care out of the equation. We now understand effective leadership starts with you, but it’s not about you!

We share a passion for relational leadership and wellbeing. This passion united us and led to the development of a Human-Centered Leadership model for nurse leaders based on qualitative research. The model focuses on establishing  a healthy mindset and self-care practices in order to develop the people who lead the people who care for the people.

Awaken Connect Uphold

By embracing authenticity, courage, inclusiveness and respect for others, the attributes of Awakener, Connecter and Upholder develop and emerge. Nurse leaders incorporate the skills of cultivating people (Awakener), building community (Connector) and recognizing the humanity in others (Upholder) into their nursing leadership practice. Nurse leaders who embrace these attributes  have the ability to create and sustain cultures of excellence, trust, and caring, which lead to sustained and positive outcomes.

L3 Model

It starts with you, but it’s not about you.

uleadership is an educational program designed to teach leaders to focus first on personal transformation (it starts with you), and lead in service to others which results in sustainable cultures of excellence, caring and trust (but it’s not about you)!