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CE Credits Provided

Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare: Certification

Put Human-Centered Leadership into action through the art of blending business and relational skills!

What is Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare Certification?
Skilled human-centered leaders are in demand around the world as we navigate through the common human experience of a pandemic. HCL in Healthcare Certification demonstrates to your customers, competitors, staff, and investors that you use industry-respected best practices and possess the knowledge, experience, and education to effectively help organizations achieve success in market-leading objectives around staff engagement, safety, quality, excellence, client experience, and healthy work environment.

Why should I get certified?
uLeadership has been a forerunner in constructing and delivering an evidence-based approach for healthcare leaders to effectively lead through the enduring complexity, chaos, and change that are hallmarks of our industry. Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare is not just a “flavor of the day” leadership approach. It’s a theory. It’s a philosophy. It’s a movement to return to the essence of “why” we chose to be part of an industry that cares for other humans. With a HCL in Healthcare Certification, you can demonstrate not only knowledge and skillset, but also a commitment to high professional standards and a strong code of ethics.

Who facilitates the certification?
uLeadership maintains high standards for HCL in Healthcare Facilitators. Our team is comprised of healthcare leaders who have decades of “boots on the ground” experience while continuing to stay connected or immersed in practice. Leading with curiosity through research and continued application of HCL in Healthcare in diverse settings is our goal and is a way to set a high bar for what you’ll get from this certification.


Time: 2 day, in person

Credits: CE Credits provided

Resources: Toolkit and Certification Resources

Prerequisite: Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare: Essentials

Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare Certification Includes:

  • Evidence-based curriculum designed and reviewed by a panel of seasoned Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare practitioners. It is standard and best practice for the Facilitators to engage with you and your colleagues in conversation about your progress, successes, and barriers throughout the program. The Facilitators will challenge you to expand your current thoughts, paradigms, and ways of leading with activities to deepen your understanding of and learning about Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare. The program harnesses the power of community, dialogue, and interaction to awaken new, yet often familiar ways of leading.
  • Continuing Education credit
  • Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare Certification document is provided upon successful completion of the 2-day program.
  • Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare Certification Badge to embed in your email signature or on your website.

Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare Designation – Organizational Recognition

Organizations achieving a significant number of certified Human-Centered Leaders receive designation as a Human-Centered Leadership in Healthcare Organization. This designation validates the organization’s commitment to integrating industry-respected best practices that honor business essentials alongside relational essentials required for a business with humans at the center. This designation reflects an additional commitment to the continual journey toward market-leading objectives around staff engagement, safety, quality, excellence, client experience, and healthy work environment.

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