Bedside Nurse Resiliency Program Uleadership
14.25 Contact Hours!

Care for the Caregiver – It Starts With you!

Stress-Reduction and Self-Compassion through Reflective Journaling

This hybrid program teaches the practices of self-care, self-compassion, and mindfulness-based stress reduction through the process of reflective journaling and interactive activities. The program consists of self-directed, cloud-based micro-learnings and includes 3 virtual workshops to customize the program to your organization and enhance the learning of the participants. Healthcare team members may participate in cohorts according to their specialty to promote cohesiveness and teamwork within their community. Perceived stress and self-compassion are assessed using statistically reliable and valid instruments prior to beginning the program. After the program, the assessments are repeated using the same tools to show the impact of the program to your staff. This program introduces the benefits of reflective journaling to improve stress reduction, self-compassion, and personal/professional growth. Each participant receives a journal designed for healthcare workers which is organized in the SBAR format: Shifts. This program is an investment in bedside caregivers and reflects the organization’s appreciation for their extreme efforts during this challenging time. Also, Registered Nurses will receive 14.25 CE Contact Hours approved through GNA/ANCC.


Time: 6 Weeks

Credits: 14.25 CE Credits

Resources: Shifts: The Journal for Nurses by Nurses

Demo of the Virtual, Interactive Platform:

Program Delivery Model

Our educational model targets the learner by meeting them where they are.  Using a unique, on-demand mobile learning platform, learners are able to digest the content in small, “bite-sized” offerings that have associated learning activities.  Delivered to a cohort, individuals are able to learn asynchronously within a learning community that has built-in strategies for increasing both individual knowledge retention and integration as well as increased sense of community/peer network.

Finally, our programs offer a framework for each organization to customize by incorporating additional organization-specific content and branding. A video from the CNO can be added to the beginning and the end of the program to share specific organizational goals. This customization makes the course experience relevant to the participant’s existing challenges and developmental needs.

Program Details

The program begins by comparing life’s challenges to a lush garden and the impact of nature’s unexpected events. The habit of self-care is introduced along with the positive impact of reflective practice.

  • Workshop 1: Thinking It Through

The bedside nurse builds resiliency through the practice of self-care, self-compassion, selfawareness, and mindfulness to build resiliency and the capacity to focus outward. Each of these practices are explored and the leader learns first steps toward their development.

  • Workshop 2: Just Breathe: How Mindfulness and Meditation Reduce Stress and Improve Well-Being
  • Workshop 3: The Art of Self-Kindness in a Self-Judgmental World

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